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Upper Year Applications Now Open. Apply now.

* incoming first year students, please see below. 

Winter Limited availability. Apply now.
Spring Now Open. Apply now.

If you are an incoming First-Year student:

  • Rank United as your first choice on the University of Waterloo's online First-Year Residence Guarantee Application. You'll find out how to do this when you get your offer of admission to the university.
  • The deadline is June 3 and a $500 deposit is required at this time, which will be applied toward your Fall residence fees.

What happens after you rank United as first choice:

  • You will be placed at one of the residences included in the University's First-Year Guarantee, taking your rankings and demand into account. 
  • If you are placed at United, we will send you a residence contract, which you will need to return by the specified date. If not, we will pass your room on to someone on the waitlist.

What happens if you miss the June 3 deadline:

  • If you do not submit your application, you will miss the first-year guarantee. However, you may still apply to go on the United College waitlist in the event an opening becomes available. Apply to be on the United waitlist here.

* Before applying, please make sure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of our legally binding, two-term dormitory residence agreement if you are a first-year student -- or the upper-year terms and conditions if you are an upper-year student.