About United College

United is a not-for-profit university college affiliated with University of Waterloo and located on its main campus. We serve the University of Waterloo community by:

What's a university college?

People are sometimes confused by the term "college" and how it relates to the University of Waterloo. "College" in this context does not mean "community college," but rather a small teaching and living environment within a larger university.


Local members of the United Church of Canada, Waterloo Presbytery, established the College in 1962 to contribute programs and a student living-learning community to the new University.

Today, United College operates independently of the United Church as a legacy corporation – meaning there is no formal or legal relationship. However, we continue to express our founding values through our mission to educate social innovators to shape a just and humane world. We are committed to the value of learning in community, and to responsible service and respect for other cultures as critical marks of the educated citizen.