Student jobs

Residence Don

Part-time (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Applications for Don 2024-2025 positions are NOW CLOSED. Dons are hired for the upcoming academic year's Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Please review the application for dates and deadlines for details.

For more information about the application process or Don position, please contact Elle Dresser ( 

Living Learning Community Peer Leader

Part-time (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Peer Leaders provide leadership to a cluster of students enrolled in a United College Living Learning Community.

Applications for Peer Leader positions open in January and close in late February. Peer Leaders are hired for the upcoming academic year's Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Please review the application for dates and deadlines.

For information about the application process, please contact please contact Elle Dresser ( 

Parking Monitor

Part-time (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Patrol and monitor vehicle activity in the parking lots at United College. The parking monitor works independently to ensure safety and parking policy compliance. Due to the hours and responsibilities of this position, it is best suited for a student residing at United.

See the Parking Monitor job description

To apply, prepare a cover letter outlining your qualifications and suitability for the position. Forward your cover letter and current résumé to Brianna Johnston.

Residence Tutors

Part-time (Fall, Winter)

The United College Tutor Program is designed to support students with content related to common course subject matter. It is not affiliated with any professor or course code. Tutors will provide support for small groups of students within the subject area agreed upon. The Tutor Program is drop-in and guided by the students’ current and upcoming course material.

Tutoring is provided for Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics for Environment students. The rate of pay is $20/hour with a maximum of 20 hours throughout the term. There is a $100 bonus for tutors that are able to complete all of the sessions each term for a total of $500.

Tutors are expected to provide 2 hours each week of tutoring for a total of 10 weeks (9 weeks during the academic term and 1 week during the exam period). Tutoring will typically begin during the 3rd week of the academic term and will not hold tutoring during Reading Week. Tutors are expected to host sessions at a consistent time and place each week.

Applications and letters of interest can be sent to Steve Prentice.