Alumni, donors & friends

Engaged Alumni Are Key to Our Success!

The United community includes more than 4,000 alumni living in 59 different countries around the world!


map of the world showing where St. Paul's alumni are living

We believe students are more successful when they live in a community; a small residence where it is easy to make friends and get involved in community life. We also believe that United's community extends beyond our doors to include all 4,000+ alumni. 

An engaged and connected alumni group adds value for students and for each other as the network grows. Staying connected is as easy as reading and contributing story ideas for Community Notes, attending and helping to plan our alumni reunions and community events, or connecting with other United alumni through our LinkedIn page.

  • Are you interested in mentorship or volunteer opportunities?
  • Do you know an alumnus deserving of the spotlight or an alumni award
  • Would you like to help organize a class reunion?
  • Do you have an update to share with your fellow alumni and us?

If you answered yes to any of those questions we want to hear from you! Connect by e-mail with Rebecca Wager, Director, External Relations.