Mission & values

Our College is situated on lands deeply connected to Indigenous peoples who have historically lived, and who currently live, in this territory. We recognize that these lands have always been the source of learning for Indigenous peoples.  As an educational institution, we are committed to respecting the traditional knowledge that Indigenous peoples have derived from these lands and learning from their experiences on them.

Our Institution

Founded by the United Church of Canada in 1962, United College is now a secular institution affiliated with the University of Waterloo.  All our students are University of Waterloo students. United contributes to the University of Waterloo by offering academic programming reflective of our mission and values; by providing an enriched living environment for both graduate and undergraduate students; and by hosting unique co-curricular programming for University of Waterloo students, such as GreenHouse, the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre and the Student Refugee Program.

Our  People

We consider our student body to include any Waterloo student who: lives or has lived at United; is enrolled in one of our academic programs; or is a participant in any of our co-curricular programming.

Our faculty and staff embrace the values of the College and work hard to support and advance its mission.

Our alumni network includes all former students who either lived at the College or graduated from one of our academic programs.  These alumni serve their professions and their communities with distinction and many give back to the College as volunteers, board members and donors.

Our Mission

To inspire a life-long love of learning and a profound commitment to social responsibility.

Our Values

The shared values that guide our College are:

  • Integrity and Respect
  • Justice for Indigenous Peoples
  • Intellectual Curiosity and Rigour
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging
  • Sustainability and Stewardship

Our Vision

By 2030, the College will have:

  • A national reputation for excellence in select academic areas
  • A more engaged and diverse residence community
  • A fourth major co-curricular program
  • Stronger engagement of upper-year students
  • Upgraded residence wings and additional academic space
  • An enhanced profile on the broader campus