Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies

St. Paul's now offers Canadian Studies

St. Paul’s University College (STP) is the academic home for the interdisciplinary Minor in Canadian Studies.  The program draws on courses developed and delivered by STP and cross-listed courses from a variety of departments in the Faculty of Arts.

Students enrolled in any degree program may pursue a Minor in Canadian Studies.  The Minor requires successful completion of a minimum of four academic course units (eight courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 65%, including three required CDNST courses, one required HIST course, and four courses from a list of approved electives offered by other departments.

Required Courses

CDNST 201 The Indigenous Experience in Canada
CDSNT 211 Canada: Analysis of a Country
CDNST 212 Narratives of Canadian Identity
One of:
HIST 253 Canada: Cultures and Conflicts in the Colonial Era
HIST 254 Canada Since 1867:  A New Nation

Elective Cross-Listed Courses

INDG 202 Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Communities in Canada
INDG  203 Indigenous Visual Culture in Canada
ENGL 205R The Canadian Short Story
ENGL 313 Early Canadian Literatures
ENGL 315 Modern Canadian Literature
ENGL 316 Canadian Drama
ENGL 318 Contemporary Canadian Literature
FR 276  Introduction to Literature: Quebec and French Canada
HIST 103 Canadian History Through Biography
HIST 106 Canada At War
HIST 113 Canadian Business History:  Innovators and Entrepreneurs
HIST 221 Racism and Response in Canadian History
HIST 226 Canada in World War II
HIST 305 Historical Memory and National Identity
HIST 351 Canada:  The Immigrant Experience
HIST 388 Modern Canada
PSCI 260 Canadian Government and Politics
PSCI 360 Topics in Canadian Government and Politics
PSCI 461 Canadian National Politics
For more information please contact Dr. Richard Myers with subject line “Canadian Studies Minor”.

The Canadian Studies course at St. Paul's University College addresses contemporary Canadian issues from a wide range of perspectives. 

- Open to all students                          - Classes are small

- Offered at St. Paul's College

CDNST 211 LEC 0.50

Course ID: 015693

Canada: Analysis of a Country

An examination of the fundamental dynamics and tensions in Canadian nationhood, including the following oppositions: Indigenous-Settler; French-English; Center-Periphery; Federal-Provincial. Students will also examine the political and institutional strategies that have been used to mediate these oppositions.