Dorm Room Styles


Double Dorm Room:

Here at United, we have truly unique double dorm rooms. These large rooms have a privacy barrier that separates the sleeping area from the studying area of the room. There are 74 double rooms (148 beds available). They are situated on both sides of the building. The rooms are single-gender, but the floors can be double-gender or single-gender, depending on your conference needs. Each double dorm room comes with clothing storage, desks and chairs, and two twin-size beds. All conferences at United include all bed linens, pillows and towels.

Single room

Single Dorm Room:

We currently host 43 single-style dorm rooms. These rooms have access to separate male and female shared washrooms on the same floor. Each bathroom has several private shower stalls, sinks and toilet stalls. Every single room comes with a wardrobe, dresser, desk and chair and a twin-size bed. All conferences at United include all bed linens, pillows and towels.

Super single

Super Single Dorm Room:

There are 76 new rooms in our recently developed GreenHouse wing (opened fall 2017). These rooms feature their own ensuite washrooms (shower, toilet, sink). A large footprint, a double bed, wardrobe/dresser combination, desk and chair. There are thirteen rooms per floor and each floor comes with a kitchenette (toaster, toaster oven, microwave, hot plate). 


Ensuite Washrooms – Green Wing

The washrooms in our Green Wing are all private ensuites, built into the rooms themselves. These washrooms include a shower stall, sink, toilet and lots of storage space.

Gender Neutral Washrooms – East Wing

Our East Wing accommodations have newly renovated gender-neutral washroom facilities. Each washroom is a private room with a shower, sink and toilet. There is also a common area which includes a communal sink and lots of counter space.

Traditional Style Washrooms – West Wing

Our West Wing also has newly renovated washroom facilities, they are gendered-specific (separate female and male washrooms). These washrooms include private toilet stalls, private shower stalls and a communal sink area.