Academic Integrity and Online Learning

Monday, March 16, 2020

As many courses make the move to an online format, the Office of Academic Integrity has the following tips for instructors to promote academic integrity:

  • Talk to your students about the importance of honesty and academic integrity – this is the most effective way of preventing academic misconduct
  • Give clear directions about your expectations for assignments, group work and tests
  • Vary your assessment strategies and use a number of lower stake or scaffolded assignments to evaluate your students
  • Make yourself available using online office hours for students who have questions or might be struggling
  • Point to resources that students can access should they need help such as emailing their academic advisors, online tutorials or workshops, library references etc.
  • Consider having students sign off on an academic integrity form for assignments and exams
  • Watch the webinar Academic Integrity in Online Course: Adapting During Covid 19 (YouTube, 1:26:40)


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