Four reasons to choose University of Waterloo (UW) for Mathematical Physics

  1. UW has not just a department of mathematics but an entire Faculty of Mathematics - the largest of its kind in North America. If it is math, we probably have an expert in it.
  2. UW's Department of Physics has been recognized as one of Canada's most innovative.
  3. Two large new institutes which are internationally at the very forefront of research (and a new quantum-nano centre is being built as well): Both offer colloquia and public lectures (some by Nobel prize winners) that are open to undergraduates as well. They also offer opportunities for summer research.
    • UW's Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)
    • The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI)
  4. Your peers: UW tends to attract Canada's best students in mathematics and physics.

More about IQC and PI:

The Institute for Quantum Computing is an institute within UW which is at the forefront of both mathematical and experimental research into how to build and operate quantum computers. It is part of a world-wide effort to learn to control individual atoms, molecules and photons. The goal is to use quantum mechanical phenomena to achieve a speed-up of certain types of calculations which is exponential (when compared to the speed of classical computers, as a function of the size of the input data to the problem).

The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is a large independent research institute which has close ties to UW - many researchers are affiliated with both PI and UW. The mandate of PI is to explore the very limits of our understanding of the laws of nature, in quantum theory, general relativity and cosmology. The Perimeter Institute is within 10 minutes walking distance of UW.