AMATH 350: Differential Equations for Business and Economics

Offered: F,W

Brief description:

This course will introduce students to order ordinary differential equations and their applications, as well as systems of linear ordinary differential equations. It also introduces to linear partial differential equations and Fourier transform. The course will conclude with a discussion of the Black-Scholes partial differential equations and solutions.


MATH 136 or 146, 237 or 247, STAT 230 or 240 & (one of AFM 272/ACTSC 291, ACTSC 371, ECON 371, BUS 393W); Level at least 3A; Not open to GenMath students.


AMATH 250, 251, 351, 353, CIVE 222, ENVE 223, MATH 211/ECE 205, MATH 218, 228, ME 203, PHYS 364, SYDE 211


Course Notes by Sue-Ann Campbell, available from MC 2018.