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Infinite-Dimensional Systems Research Group

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We hold bi-weekly group meetings to discuss current research problems and to share topics of general interest. We also participate in the Control and Dynamical Systems area as well as researchers from control groups in the engineering faculty.


Current members


Kirsten Morris

Group members

Ala' Alababi

Amenda Chow

Matthias de Jong

​Yanni Guo

Fei Liu

Bogdan Sherbak​​


  • Jean-Michel Coron, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

  • Michael Demetriou, Worcester Polytechnic Institute,USA
  • Weiwei Hu, Oklahoma State University  

  • Birgit Jacob, University of Wuppertal, Germany

  • Florent di Meglio, MINES ParisTech, France
  • Jacquelin Scherpen, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Marius, Tucsnak,  Université de Bordeaux
  • Hans Zwart, University of Twente, Netherlands

Former students - where are they now?

  • Sepideh Afshar (Ph.D.), post-doctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School

  • Amenda Chow, assistant professor, York University

  • Arman Tavakoli (M.Math.) software engineer, MDA
  • Neda Darivandi (Ph.D.) structural engineering analyst, Hatch Engineering Ltd.
  • Alex Shum (Ph.D.), lecturer, University of Hong Kong
  • Ozkan Ozer (PDF), assistant professor, University of Kentucky
  • Dhanaraja Kasinathan (Ph.D.) Senior Research Scientist, United Technologies Research Center
  • Sina Valadkhan (Ph.D.) (medal for best thesis in Faculty of Engineering) , research engineer, Corning Ltd
  • Roger Chau (M.Math), academic consultant, Alpha Academy, Hong Kong
  • Andrei Titioura (M.Math) senior pension specialist
  • Carmeliza Navasca (PDF) associate professor, University of Alabama
  • Edmund Obasi (M.Math.) acoustic analyst, Stantec Consulting Limited
  • Ada Cheng (Ph.D.) professor, Kettering University
  • Benjamin Zimmer, CEO (and founder), Enable Training and Consulting
  • Robert Gorbet,  professor, University of Waterloo
  • Janet Grad, senior advisor in analytics and database marketing, Petro-Canada
  • Natalie Baddour, professor, University of Ottawa

For more information please contact Prof. Kirsten Morris