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Howard Armitage

Professor Emeritus and Founder of Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business
Howard Armitage
519-888-4567 x47165
Location: E7 2436
Link to profile: Howard Armitage

Harvir Bansal

Associate Professor, Interim Eyton Director
Harvir Bansal
519-888-4567 x47168
Location: E7 2416
Link to profile: Harvir Bansal
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

Nada Basir

Assistant Professor
Nada Basir
519-888-4567 x49199
Link to profile: Nada Basir
Link to personal webpage: Infertility and Work Lab

Janet Boekhorst

Conrad Research Excellence Chair and Associate Professor
Janet Boekhorst
519-888-4567 x40148
Link to profile: Janet Boekhorst
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

David Brennan

Sessional Lecturer

Cristen Brown

Manager, Outreach and International Programs
Cristen Brown
Location: E7 2412
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

Mason Brussee

Marketing and Communications Assistant (co-op)

Peter Carr

Sessional Lecturer
peter carr portrait
519-888-4567 x33990
Location: CPH 3637
Link to profile: Peter Carr
Link to personal webpage: Peter Carr

Wayne Chang

Continuing Lecturer, Enterprise Co-op Program Coordinator
Wayne Chang headshot
519-888-4567 x49198
Location: E7 2314
Link to profile: Wayne Chang
Link to personal webpage: Wayne Chang

Tori Coles

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Tori Coles Profile Photo
Location: 2402
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

Victor Cui

Conrad Research Excellence Chair and Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Global Strategy)
Victor Cui
519-888-4567 x 40978
Location: E7 2418
Link to profile: Victor Cui
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

Margaret Dalziel

Associate Professor
Margaret Dalziel
519-888-4567 x43588
Location: E7 2446
Link to profile: Margaret Dalziel

Christopher Holt

Lecturer, Associate Director - Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET)
Holt, Christopher
519-888-4567 x40267
Location: E7 2312
Link to profile: Christopher Holt

Marc Hurwitz

Continuing Lecturer, Associate Director, Undergraduate and Non-Degree Programs
Marc Hurwitz
519-888-4567 x41946
Location: E7 2316
Link to profile: Marc Hurwitz

Tim Jackson

Sessional Lecturer
Tim Jackson
Link to profile: Tim Jackson
Link to personal webpage: Tim Jackson

James Green

Administrative Coordinator
Location: 2302

Michelle Lennox

Sessional Lecturer

Shavin Malhotra

Professor of Strategy and Conrad Research Excellence Chair, Associate Director, Research and Doctoral Studies
Shavin Malhorta
519-888-4567 x40458
Location: E7 2444
Link to profile: Shavin Malhotra
Link to personal webpage: Curriculum Vitae

Horatio M. Morgan

Associate Professor of International Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Horatio Morgan
519-888-4567 x40688
Location: E7 2424
Link to profile: Horatio M. Morgan
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn: Horatio M. Morgan

Dean Pacey

Dean Pacey
Location: E7 2406

Pamela Braza Pitman (On secondment)

Marketing and Communications Manager
Pamela Braza Pitman
519-888-4567 x40142
Location: E7 2404
Link to personal webpage: Pamela Braza Pitman (On secondment)

Roopa Reddy

Reddy, Roopa
519-888-4567 x48801
Location: E7 2408
Link to profile: Roopa Reddy

Nina Ripley

Academic Programs Administrator/Advisor
Nina Ripley
519-888-4567 x 48381
Location: E7 2308
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

David Rose

David Rose Profile Photo
519-888-4567 x40131
Location: E7 2322
Link to profile: David Rose

Karin Schmidlin

Sessional Lecturer
Karin Schmidl
Location: E7 2422
Link to profile: Karin Schmidlin
Link to personal webpage: LinkedIn

Larry Smith

Adjunct Associate Professor
Larry Smith head shot
519-888-4567 x32647
Location: E7 2414
Link to profile: Larry Smith

Doug Sparkes

Continuing Lecturer
Doug Sparkes, Continuing Lecturer at Conrad School
519-888-4567 x47101
Location: E7 2318
Link to profile: Doug Sparkes

J. Mark Weber

Special Advisor to the Provost on Leadership Strategy and Development, Professor of Management and Organizations
Weber, J. Mark
519-888-4567 x41695
Location: E7 2432
Link to profile: Mark Weber
Link to personal webpage: J. Mark Weber

Tracie Wilkinson

Administrative Officer
Tracie Wilkinson head shot
519-888-4567 x47071
Location: E7 2428
Link to personal webpage: Tracie Wilkinson