Class Champions Program

Four female alumni from the class of 1981Left to right: Louise Ann Riddell, Louise Sweet-Lindsay, Barb McEwan, Lee Anne Doyle 

"Participation in a class reunion, either as an organizer or a guest, provides an opportunity to touch lives and inspire happiness."

LEE ANNE DOYLE, Reunion organizing committee, Planning Class of '81

Like many of you, some of my fondest memories and closest friendships were formed when I was in university. It's a time of growth, discovery and development that shapes the direction we take in life and the people we eventually become. So, every once in awhile, it's good to look back to reflect on where we've come from and the people and places that have meant so much.

That's why I'm so excited about the Class Champions program; an initiative designed to support alumni volunteers to act as class representatives who promote their class reunion, encouraging their former classmates to come back to campus to reunite, relive old memories and reconnect with the faculty they once called home.

Class Champions can also plan a special activity for their group and, if they wish, help their class leave a lasting legacy by leading a Class Giving Challenge to support the current and future students. 

I invite you to read through the information below, check out the listing of current Class Champions and then, if you're up for the challenge (and fun!) of becoming a Class Champion for your program and year, sign up today.

Dheana RamsayI can't wait to hear from you!


Dheana Ramsay
Senior Alumni Advancement Officer, Faculty of Environment