Jack Rosen Pitch Competition

Jack Rosen pitch competition

Each year the Jack Rosen Memorial Award Pitch Competition invites Faculty of Environment students to submit an idea (device, process, or method) that could solve, mitigate, or avoid an environmental problem. 

Entrants are asked to identify an environmental problem and succinctly explain their proposed solution. Finalists will create a PowerPoint presentation and present their pitch to a panel of esteemed judges for a chance to win a Grand Prize of $3,000 or an Honorable Mention of $1,000Refer to presentation_template.pptx for creating your PowerPoint presentation. 

Students may enter individually or in teams of up to five. All groups must include at least one full-time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the Faculty of Environment. One entry is permitted per student or team.

Watch this page for details of when the next competition will be announced! 

Learn more about Jack Rosen 

Man and Woman posing for a photo in dress clothes

Jack Rosen, born in Russia and raised in Canada, was an accomplished businessman. He joined his late father, Israel Rosen in the family business, Rosen and Sons, and built it to become one of Ontario's premier recycling companies. One of Jack’s many accomplishments was his involvement in the creation and implementation of the "blue box" curbside recycling program, which is used today for curbside recycling in millions of homes around the world. For this achievement and many others, he received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Jack Rosen’s wife Honey and his children Judy, Shelly, and Allan created the Jack Rosen Memorial Award to not only commemorate their late father but to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Waterloo students, in hopes of finding innovative solutions to address environmental issues.