Envigorate 2023: celebrating our community and sustainable living

Monday, April 3, 2023

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Envigorate Workshop

Submitted by: Riley MacArthur, ENVigorate Planning Assistant

It’s hard to believe our three-day Faculty of Environment celebration, ENVigorate, has wrapped up. With a variety of hands-on workshops and presentations given by Environment faculty members, students, and Waterloo Region community members, we came together as a community to learn about sustainability, climate activism, and other fun and important skills. Some of the highlights included the student-run Swap Shop and Student Showcase; events that are favourites among the festival fan-base.

The Swap Shop, an upcycling event where students donate an article of clothing to get a new article, received 200+ items this year. Meanwhile, the Student Showcase had submissions from across all the schools and departments within the faculty, providing insight into the wide variety of academic interests that students pursue.

Thank you to the Faulty of Environment community that showed support for this year’s festival and a special thank you to our opening and closing ceremony guests: Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Myeggun Henry, Dean Bruce Frayne, MP Mike Morrice, Jenna Phillips and Dr. Matthieu Feagan.

It’s a long wait until ENVigorate 2024, but follow @envigorate.uw on Instagram for updates and announcements on the best three days of the year.

They are among the most difficult questions confronting humanity — and the most urgently in need of a response. How can we prevent climate change from becoming a full-blown global climate catastrophe that imperils our very existence? How can we stop driving thousands of animal and plant species into extinction? How can eight billion people take what they need from this planet without taking so much that they destroy it?

In close cooperation with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association and the Glow Centre, the University of Waterloo is making campus more inclusive for Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary and gender non-conforming members of the campus community by increasing access to all-gender washrooms. In Environment, EV1-118 and 321 have been converted to single-stall gender neutral washrooms. So have EV2-1032 and EV3 4937.