2020 J.D. Leslie Prize winner

Yuyu Duan

The 2020 recipient of the J.D. Leslie Undergraduate Award is Yuyu Duan. Yuyu completed a 3-year General Mathematics degree and is the first recipient in Math since 1998!  She began her studies at Waterloo in 2016 in the BASE program before being accepted in Honours Arts. In Winter 2017 she made the move to the Faculty of Math where she was very successful.

Picture of Yuyu Duan
She chose Waterloo to earn her degree because "Waterloo’s graduates have great career opportunities in the world." She noted that she prefers living a peaceful life and focusing on study, and Waterloo’s dedicated academic environment exactly met her expectations. 

She chose to study online due to it's flexibility. She says "we can learn online from anywhere and at any time, which means students can make full use of their spare time to study :)"

When asked how she balanced everything in her life Yuyu responded "My family cultivated my optimistic attitude. Study helps to form my rational and logical thinking patterns and shape my personality including patience and perseverance, etc. As a result, I never give up to find more ways to solve problems from different perspectives in real life. Meanwhile, extra-curricular activities help to release my pressure in study and life and let me deeply relax." She enjoys playing the piano in her spare time and often improvises simple melodies and records them when the inspiration strikes.

She would like everyone to know that she thinks "everyone can be outstanding as long as he or she did put passion and efforts into every course. It is also important that interest is the best teacher." She found her instructors to be passionate about their fields of study, but in particular she appreciated her "kind professors: Edward Vrscay and Paul McGrath. They really care about students and their classes are impressive, dedicated and interesting."

In conclusion she says "I will definitely recommend any Waterloo degree via online study. I think CEL is a very mature and efficient online learning center that cares for students’ progress and wellness all the time."