Course development team

The Centre for Extended Learning (CEL) team of experts will work with you throughout the design and development process to produce a high quality course that achieves the desired learning outcomes.

Your course design and development team roles:

  • An Online Learning Consultant (OLC) will be assigned to provide you with online pedagogy and instructional design expertise.
  • For complex projects, a Project Manager (PM) will help you develop an achievable project plan and timeline. Your PM will keep your course project on track and on time.
  • An Instructional Digital Media Developer (developer) will work with you to design and develop engaging multimedia course materials that support active learning.
  • A Learning Technologies Analyst, Production (LTA-P) will provide advice and user experience expertise on the appropriate use of educational technologies, implement designs in the learning management system and other tools, and ensure Waterloo's quality standards and accessibility requirements are met. In addition, the LTA-P will assist in preparing the course for future offers.
  • A member of the Copyright Team will ensure the course content meets guidelines as posted on Copyright at Waterloo and will write credit lines and review for style, consistency, and readability.
  • A Learning Technologies Analyst (LTA) will provide technical training and support during your first and subsequent terms of offer.