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Policies you should know

We think you should read these.

The Memorandum of Agreement

The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between FAUW and the University provides a framework governing all aspects of the relationship between the University and faculty members.

The FAUW Constitution

The FAUW Constitution governs FAUW’s own activities and procedures for the board, elections, and more.

University policies

Any University policies categorized “F” (faculty), “FS” (faculty and staff) or “A” (administration) need approval from FAUW to create or modify.

Key policies and procedures for faculty:

Visit the University of Waterloo Secretariat website to view all university policies.

Who is a member?

In the MoA, "member" means a member of the bargaining unit—all regular, dues-paying faculty.

In the FAUW Constitution, "member" means someone who has actively joined the association. In practice, we use the term more broadly (as per the MoA) except when we’re talking about voting members.