2016 Proposed MoA Revisions: Summary and Rationale from FAUW

Monday, September 26, 2016

Updated: The changes have been endorsed by FAUW members and approved by the University Board of Governors.

FAUW and UW administrators at the Faculty Relations Committee have negotiated a set of very positive but substantive changes to Article 13 (Faculty Salaries, Annual Selective Increases and Member Evaluation Procedures) of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). The changes will:

  • Reduce faculty and administrative workload by conducting performance evaluations for tenured faculty and continuing lecturers once every two years in odd years only. Faculty on probationary appointments and definite term contracts will continue to be evaluated annually.
  • Increase transparency and collegiality of the performance review process by:
    • Requiring Faculty Council approval and periodic review of Faculty performance review addenda,
    • Publishing all Faculty and department/school performance review addenda and guidelines on the Faculty websites,
    • Providing members with histograms showing the departmental and Faculty distribution of ratings (both overall and in categories of teaching, research, and service) with their performance evaluations, and
    • Harmonizing and removing discretion over review periods across units.

The full text of the proposed changes together with an FAQ addressing common questions and concerns are provided on this page for your review. The changes will also be discussed at the October 5 Town Hall Meeting.

The FAUW Board endorses these changes and believes that they are in the best interests of our members.

Approval process

The MoA requires that changes to Article 13 be approved by both FAUW and the University Board of Governors before taking effect. We are seeking the support of FAUW members through an online vote.

The poll will open on October 3 and close October 14. Eligible members of FAUW will receive an email with a link to the ballot.

Full text of proposed changes

Download a PDF detailing the full text of the proposed changes to sections 13.3.3 and 13.5 of the Memorandum of Agreement.