The Light Within Interactive Display

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

"The Light Within”, an interactive outdoor light installation created by PhD candidate Ludwig Wilhelm Wall (Computer Science) and colleagues Nathan Fischer and Diana Train, has recently been moved to the lobby of East Campus 1. Having been displayed in two separate art public art exhibitions, the display will remain at East Campus 1 for the foreseeable future.

The installation was first displayed at the Lumière: The Art of Light, a free outdoor light experience at Ontario Place’s Trillium Park from March 10 to May 7. After a successful run, it was also included at Waterloo’s 2023 light festival Lumen which took place on September 23. The exhibit combines the artistic talents of Fischer and Tran with Wall's expertise in constructing large-scale pixel displays. The Light Within exhibit is like a mirror, where a person stands in front of it, and a camera captures their image and projects it back to them using a wall of large-scale pixels. It aims to show that we all have a ‘light within’ that, when at its brightest, can do great things. The exhibit is interactive and can be manipulated by the viewer, allowing them to control the noise or clarity of the image, and alter the image from black and white to vibrant colours. 

While on display in EC1, we greatly encourage GI members to interact with the display. Learn more about the display and Wall’s involvement in the process.