The Interactive and Multi-Modal Experience Research Syndicate (IMMERSe)

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“At the heart of the enjoyment of games is the very real but hard-to-define gaming experience, something which combines the related concepts of "immersion", "optical experience", "presence", and "flow."

IMMERSe's History from 2010 to 2019

Welcome to IMMERSe!

The overarching goal of the network was to build a strategic games research network for an eight-year period, but once it got started IMMERSe became way more than that.  IMMERSe represents a fully multidisciplinary, multimodal, multi-thematic, multi-institutional network. In all products and processes of IMMERSe, these “multi” identities interact with one another to elevate the quality and depth of the work. The legacy of IMMERSe is a showcase of games research that was profoundly improved by integrating “multi” approaches.

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Descriptions of what the IMMERSe network is can only begin to touch the surface of its true nature. In fact, we believe that the truth of the network comes through in the research and the many wonderful events, publications, and projects IMMERSe researchers created over the years. We urge you to explore the website to discover for yourself.

The IMMERSe Network was a partnership between six academic institutions:





Ontario Tech University

UC Davis

University of Waterloo


The IMMERSe Network is a partnership between six academic institutions:

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