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Toben Racicot, English PhD candidate, is the host of the Games Institute Podcast. Every episode we spotlight a researcher from the GI and interview them about how their research impacts the study and culture of games and interactive technologies.

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Why a Podcast?

The unfortunate reality of academic work is that many great research stories never reach public audiences. Either findings are not accessible to general publics, or stories about insights gained from failure are not shared beyond a small sphere of peers.

This problem has to do with how research is communicated. Scholarly research is predominantly shared with scholarly audiences who exist within the same scholarly bubble. Moreover, there are standards about which stories to tell and how to tell them, thereby limiting how we communicate. Are you subscribed to every scholarly journal? Do you attend conferences from diverse disciplinary fields? Are you privvy to the small moments in research that get overshadowed by big discoveries? Likely not.

A podcast allows us to pop the bubble and bring you research discussions as they're happening. We invite researchers to sit down and talk about what they're up to. No word counts, no jargon, no registration or subscription fee.

You get to hear about the GI researchers' successes - and failures - and learn about the person behind the scholarly curtain.


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