Research Reports

Senate Report 

The GI Senate Report collates all the research, outputs, games, and more GI members put out between 2015 - 2020.

2015-2020 5 Year Senate Report

Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights the critical contributions the GI and our researchers make on a yearly basis. As the title states, the aim of this report is to showcase the ways that our team of internationally recognized interdisciplinary researchers are creating imaginative and impactful work every single day. While this work includes books and journal articles, we also produce games, apps, art, and so much more. The GI is a research community that welcomes anyone and everyone studying games at the university and beyond. It has been our mission to make our community as equitable, accessible, and appealing as possible to people of all genders, races, religions, orientations, and abilities.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report: Impact with Imagination

Instant Replay

The termly Instant Replay is a carefully curated document that gives a brief overview of the research and culture in the Institute each term. This "replay" allows for a closer, more in depth, informal look at what individual members are doing, and also gives insight into the kind of environment the GI membership fosters.

Winter 2024: Future Directions of GI Research Impact - New!

Fall 2023: Gathering Global Guests

Spring 2023: Games Institute Globetrotters

Winter 2023: Collaboration, Cooperation and Connection

Fall 2022: Networking and New Faces

Spring 2022: Growing the Global Games Institute

Winter 2022: Hidden Stories and Social Justice Research

Fall 2021: Interdisciplinarity at Play

Spring 2021: Virtual Worlds, Real Communities