Palgrave Games in Context

Palgrave Games and Context 

Palgrave Games in Context

Games are pervasive in contemporary life, intersecting with leisure, work, health, culture, history, technology, politics, industry, and beyond. These contexts span topics, cross disciplines, and bridge professions. 

The Palgrave Games in Context book series situates games and play within interdisciplinary and interprofessional contexts, resulting in accessible, applicable, and practical scholarship for students, researchers, game designers, and industry professionals. 

This series, edited by GI executive Director Dr. Neil Randall (English) and GI alumni Dr. Steve Wilcox (Game Design and Development, Laurier University), asks us what it means to study, critique, and create games in context. 

GI members who have edited a book in the series include Dr. Gerald Voorhees and Dr. Emma Vossen.

Books can be purchased through the Palgrave website and are available to read at the GI. If you are interested in contributing to the series, please contact Dr. Randall and Dr. Wilcox.

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