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About Us

The Games Institute is an interdisciplinary research network hub that seeks to advance the study, design, and purpose of interactive, immersive technologies and experiences through an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to research. GI researchers and collaborators come from a wide array of disciplines including but not limited to: humanities, social sciences, computer science, health sciences, and systems design. The GI network extends to multiple universities and multiple industry partners with the goal of forwarding research in technology and human interaction.

Our Mission:

To foster an inclusive ecosystem of research, education, knowledge dissemination, outreach and collaboration on interactive immersive technologies and experiences.

Our Goals:

  • Research: To be the central hub for games-related research in Canada by establishing strong academic and industry research projects
  • Education: To support and promote innovative, cross-disciplinary graduate training and mentorship in all aspects of games and interactive and immersive technologies
  • Outreach: To encourage public engagement and understanding of the importance and impact of games and interactive immersive technologies through faculty and student outreach activities
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: To continuously improve, participate, and engage in issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion across the GI, the University, and the industry

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