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The Games Institute

Located at 175 Columbia Street West, Waterloo, ON (on campus EC1)

University of Waterloo Campus Map
EC1 Google Map

Getting to Waterloo

From Pearson International Airport

Airways Transit:

On Arrival

Airways Transit offers shuttle service (for groups or individuals) to Waterloo with an in-airport guide for both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 here.

Other Modes of Transport

Pearson Taxi Services - This is an estimate for travelling via taxi from Mississauga to Waterloo (airport pickup). Taxis can be pre-arranged by calling specific companies, but they are also waiting in a designated area outside the airport.

Pearson Transit Hub - Includes public transit, car rental/arranging, and other links.

Go Transit (bus)

From Toronto/Union Station

Go Transit offers the most consistent/available public transit route from Toronto to Waterloo.

Car rentals are available from downtown at the Union Station (as well).

Use google maps for relatively accurate integrations of public transit routes and delays, including Go Transit as well as local GRT (Kitchener/Waterloo) transit.

Returning to the Airport

From Kitchener/Waterloo

Airways Transit: 1-800-691-3045, (519) 886-2121

Kitchener Airport Taxi: (888) 805-9998

From Toronto’s Union Station (downtown Toronto)

Up Express is a train that runs between Toronto (Union Station) and the Airport (both ways).

Travel Within Waterloo

Grand River Transit (GRT) is the local transit authority. Transit buses accept cash only for fares which are $3.75 per trip. Fare cards can be purchased at ION stations for multi-day passes. Visit the GRT Fares page for more details.

GRT System Map

ION stations/platforms map - there is a station at the University of Waterloo, one Uptown in Waterloo, as well as one at Laurier-Waterloo Park (in between).


Delta Hotel-Marriott Waterloo is closest to the Games Institute (175 Columbia Street, West. Waterloo, ON). It is 15 minutes by light rail/tram to the Games Institute.

How to get to The Games Institute (East Campus 1, 175 Columbia St W, Waterloo, ON N2L 5Z5) from the Delta Hotel.

A google map with possible directions/modes of travel.