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With the establishment of the world's first department of kinesiology, the University of Waterloo was instrumental in defining the science of human movement and continues to lead the evolution of this exciting discipline.

Through understanding the cellular to societal implications of physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle, our research, academic programs and services aim to optimize health, prevent injury and illness, and extend the years of high quality life.

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  1. Jan. 27, 2020Coronavirus update
  2. Feb. 28, 2020Kinesiology researchers help address healthy aging on The Nature of Things
    David Suzuki during filming at CCCARE

    The human body is a complicated, intertwined network of systems that miraculously allows us to walk, breathe, talk and understand others, normally without any thought as to how we do it. However, as we age, we notice that what once worked well does not necessarily do so any more.

  3. Feb. 14, 2020Puberty responsible for larger airways in males
    Pre-teen children running and playing.

    Sex differences in airway size are not innate, but likely develop because of hormonal changes around puberty, reports a new study.

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