Volunteer Game Programmer Wanted

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Volunteer Game Programmer Wanted

David Sonnenschein, author of “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema” is developing a prototype of the music game 3 DEAF MICE with interns from Berklee College of Music, and seeking a volunteer who has the skill to program the interactive interface. (We will have paid positions in the future once the funding is in place.) Unity 2D seems the most likely program that we'll be using for the final game, although other programming languages might be useful for the prototype stage. Would you like to team up and collaborate on this first-ever sound art game?

The game has a single song, Cheatin' the Trap, recorded in three stylistic versions: classic rock, metal and reggae. The tempo (112 bpm), 8 verse/chorus structure and 8 track layout are identical with all versions. What differs is the style of the tracks: vocal, drums, guitar, bass, 4 sound effects tracks (classic = human sounds, metal = mechanical sounds, reggae = nature/animal sounds).

Each of the three song versions will be presented in a matrix: horizontal = 8 verses; vertical = 8 tracks. The 64 "audio blocks" of each matrix can be color and/or shape coded to distinguish and identify origin. User Interface graphics can be very simple at this prototype stage, as we first want to see how the audio is functioning.

A fourth blank 8x8 Remix matrix is presented, allowing any of the audio blocks from the 3 song versions to be clicked and dragged onto the Remix matrix in its appropriate track (e.g. any and only drum blocks, can be dragged to any verse in the Remix drum track). This lets the player try any combination of music styles, with a Save button for that specific Remix combo. Each individual audio block and each track should have a Mute and Solo capability to help the player identify and hear specific combinations.

The aim is for fun, exploration and discovery of new ways of combining sounds, lyrics and music. This will eventually be part of a larger story based game with 5 different modules to develop different listening skills. For more details visit 3deafmice.com, and come join us in this super creative project!

Please contact David or Karen if you are interested!

David Sonnenschein
310 455-0750

Karen Collins
519-888-4567, Ext 38326