Spin Canada 2019 Agenda

Sunday, June 23

4:00 pm Check-in  
5:30 pm Dinner Aux Chantignoles
7:00 pm Opening remarks and discussion. Chairs Sergei Studenikin and Jonathan Baugh

Open research/general questions that may be of interest for Spin Canada. Suggestions and champions are welcome.

Heritage Room

Monday, June 24

7:30 am Breakfast Buffet Aux Chantignoles
Session 1 Andrew Sachrajda, chair  

8:30 am

Joe Salfi, invited speaker
Coherent platform for quantum technologies with spin orbit coupling
Heritage Meeting Room
9:00 am Clement Godfrin, invited speaker
Donors in Silicon
Heritage Meeting Room
9:30 am

Dominik Zumbuhl, invited speaker
Spins and Orbits in GaAs Quantum Dots

Heritage Meeting Room
10:00 am Coffee break/free discussion Curling House
Session 2 Eva Dupont-Ferrier, chair  
10:30 am

Marek Korkusinski
Voltage tuning of the single hole g-factor measured by EDSR in a double dot: a pathway towards single qubit addressability and fast manipulations in a large-scale quantum processor

10:50 am

Bill Coish
Strategies for engineering hole-spin qubits

11:10 am Akira Oiwa, invited speaker
Quantum interface from photons to electron spins in gate-defined GaAs quantum dots
11:40 am Q&A discussion  
12:00 pm Lunch buffet/free discussion Aux Chantignoles
Session 3 Kimberley Hall, chair  
1:30 pm

Daniel Oblak
Efficient quantum memory for quantum repeaters - why spins matter

1:50 pm

Sebastian Francoeur
Quantum optics with isoelectronic centers

2:10 pm

Jason Phoenix
Full polarisation control of fiber delivered light in a dilution refrigerator

2:22 pm

Ajan Ramachandran
Ultrafast quantum control of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots

2:34 pm

Arash Ahmadi
Generation of entangled photons with a quantum dot

2:46 pm

Mohamad Niknam
Sensitivity of quantum information to environment perturbations measured with the out-of-time-order correlation function

3:00 pm Coffee break/free discussion Curling House
Session 4 Raffi Budakian, chair  
3:30 pm

Isaac Tamblyn, invited speaker
Quantum mechanics in the age of AI

4:00 pm

Nachiket Kapre, invited speaker
FPGA programming tutorial (optional) or free discussion period/posters

5:00 pm Poster session/drinks/vendor displays   
7:00 pm BBQ dinner and group discussion Outdoors at Waterfront

Tuesday, June 25

7:30 am Breakfast Buffet Aux Chantignoles 
Session 5 Joseph Salfi, chair  

8:30 am

Paul Barclay
Diamond spin mechanics

8:50 am

Prasoon Shandilya
Hexagonal Boron Nitride Cavity Optomechanics

9:02 am

Faezeh Asadi
Cavity-assisted two-qubit phase-flip gates in solid-state spins

9:14 am Peng Li
Fermi-arc related chiral anomaly transport and spin orbit torques in type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2
9:26 am He Ren
Topological Josephson Junction using Nb/(Bi0.5Sb0.5)2Te3/Nb Heterostructures
9:38 am

Brandon Buonacorsi
Simulating coherent electron spin shuttling

10:00 am Coffee break/free discussion Curling House
Session 6 Sebastian Francoeur, chair  
10:30 am

Daniel Higginbottom
Confocal microscopy of telecom band optical qubits in Silicon

10:42 am

Laurent Bergeron
A near-infrared optically active paramagnetic damage centre in silicon

10:54 am

Camille Bowness
NIR cavities for a damage centre spin-photon interface

11:06 am

Q&A discussion

11:20 am

Nizar Messaoudi, invited speaker 
Real-time qubit state readout using FPGA
(Instrumentation tutorial)

12:05 pm Lunch buffet/free discussion Aux Chantignoles
1:30 pm

Michel Pioro-Ladrière, chair 
Spin Canada strategy discussion

Heritage Meeting Room
3:00 pm

Closing remarks, meeting adjourns

Heritage Meeting Room


  1. Nicholas CocktonSetup of Dry Dilution Refrigerator to Perform RF Measurements on Microstrip SQUIDs and RF-QPCs
  2. Aviv Padawer-BlattTheory of Gate-Tunable Single Hole EDSR in a Lateral GaAs DQD
  3. Alex Bogan, EDSR of single heavy hole in a lateral GaAs/AlGaAs double quantum dot device
  4. Jonathan BaughSimulating coherent electron spin shuttling in MOS quantum dots
  5. Jason Phoenix, The Spin-Photon Interactions in Nanostructures Facility
  6. Seyed Sahand TabatabaeiHamiltonian engineering in solid state spin systems in a nano-MRI setting
  7. Pardis SahafiFabrication of 111 SiNWs for Mechanical Spin-Detection
  8. Andrew JordanUltra-sensitive silicon nanowire mechanical resonator arrays for spin detection
  9. Mohammad Khalifa, Circuit quantum electrodynamics with holes on silicon
  10. Jun Zhang, Studies of Tm doped crystals for quantum memory
  11. Ryan Foote, Modular platform for spin qubit metrology in 28 nm FD-SOI
  12. Jeff Young, Photonically-driven quantum error correction for donor-spin-qubit toric codes
  13. Nachiket Sherlekar, High rate electrically-driven entangled photon source
  14. Mathias Pont, Resonant excitation of Te isoelectronic centers in ZnSe
  15. Patrick Del Vecchio,Highly tensile strained Ge quantum well: an optically active platform for light-hole qubits
  16. Nick Donato,Signal source challenges facing quantum computing and research