Degree requirements

Students must fulfill the requirements of their home unit, as well as the specific requirements of the quantum information program. It is possible that some students may need to take more courses than are prescribed by the home program requirements in order to fulfill the degree requirements of the collaborative quantum information program. The quantum information requirements are summarized below.


Students in all three faculties will be required to take two core quantum information courses (and must also meet the course requirements of their home program). These interdisciplinary courses provide a strong foundation in quantum information science.

The two required core quantum information courses are:

  • QIC 710: Quantum Information Processing
  • QIC 750: Implementation of Quantum Information Processing

In addition to the two core courses, students will be able to take a wide range of advanced courses within quantum information, offered by leading researchers in the field. PhD students are required to take two of these additional courses in quantum information. You can find a list of past, present and future course offerings in quantum information.

Research seminar

All PhD students in the quantum information program are required to present two seminars on quantum information topics. These seminars have very specific requirements.

Comprehensive exam

For PhD students, the examination of relevant material in quantum information will be part of the home program comprehensive exam.


Students are required to write a thesis in quantum information. The thesis must satisfy all the requirements of the home program. Find the current list of quantum information supervisors.

Additional graduate studies information

Detailed requirements of the program can be found at the University of Waterloo's Graduate Calendar, and at the following links:

Applied Mathematics (Quantum Information), MMath
Applied Mathematics (Quantum Information), PhD
Chemistry (Quantum Information), MSc
Chemistry (Quantum Information), PhD
Combinatorics and Optimization (Quantum Information), MMath
Combinatorics and Optimization (Quantum Information), PhD
Computer Science (Quantum Information), MMath
Computer Science (Quantum Information), PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Quantum Information), MASc
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Quantum Information), PhD
Physics (Quantum Information), MSc
Physics (Quantum Information), PhD
Pure Mathematics (Quantum Information), MMath
Pure Mathematics (Quantum Information), PhD