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IQC receives $15M from Government of Canada

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) received a tremendous boost from the Government of Canada in Budget 2018 with $15 million in renewed funding over three years.

On behalf of our community at IQC, I thank the government for its significant investment for research in Canada and solidifying opportunities for future generations.

The government’s renewed support to IQC further positions Canada as a global leader in quantum science and technology. Over the past 15 years, IQC has grown to be a global hub for quantum information research. Our community of nearly 300 researchers is advancing our understanding of the quantum world and accelerating the opportunities of quantum technologies. Discoveries in quantum research have already made impact in cybersecurity, health and resource exploration. Future discoveries will lead to transformative technologies in many other areas of our lives.

Investments from Budget 2018 will ensure Canada can attract the scientists, engineers, technicians and students needed to realize the full opportunities of the quantum revolution. The commitments to inclusivity and equality will also ensure that everyone can participate in research. At IQC, we know that a diverse research community is essential for success. We are committed to fostering inclusive and equitable representation in our hiring and program participation. I am proud that many of our programs have already reached near gender parity and I look forward to continuing our efforts to attract more women and girls to scientific endeavours.

The opportunities and benefits of fundamental science are profound and I am delighted that the federal government recognizes the important role of research for Canada and the globe. As we continue to harness the power of the quantum world, the opportunities of quantum technologies will also have profound impact on our society. With the investments from Budget 2018, Canada will continue to play a leading role in the quantum revolution and realize the tremendous benefits of quantum technologies for all Canadians.

Thank you to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Morneau, Minister Bains, Minister Duncan, our local MPs and all our supporters in the federal government for supporting fundamental research and innovation and recognizing the importance of quantum science to Canada.


Kevin ReschKevin Resch
Interim Director
Institute for Quantum Computing
University of Waterloo

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