Outreach and workshops

Young child takes part in a quantum science demonstration

Quantum for everyone

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) shares quantum information science and technology with those fascinated by it and those who will benefit from it. Through world-class outreach programs, IQC sparks curiosity and enthusiasm for quantum information science and technology across all age groups.


High school students

  • The Quantum School for Young Students (QSYS) workshop, previously known as the Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS), is a unique nine-day enrichment program on the cutting-edge of quantum information science atimed at high school students.
  • IQC's scientific outreach team offers on-site and virtual educational workshops to introduce high school students to basic quantum concepts. Complete the Outreach Request Form and bring quantum to your classroom.

Undergraduate students



Quantum Innovators

The Quantum Innovators (QI) workshops bring together the most promising young quantum researchers in two different streams; science and engineering and computer science and mathematics. Attendees take part in a for a four-day conference aimed at exploring the frontiers of quantum information science in their respective fields.

Quantum Key Distribution Summer School

The international Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Summer School is a five-day workshop focused on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum communication with a focus on quantum cryptography. Established in 2008, QKD occurs every other year and was last held in 2019. The workshop aims to provide a solid foundation in relevant approaches and techniques to enable graduate students and young postdoctoral fellows to perform their own independent research.


The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) is the engine driving the creation of quantum information science and technology, and is sparking commercialization initiatives that will benefit Canadians in the near future and for decades to come. IQC is at the heart of Canada's Quantum Valley. Learn more about what we're doing right here in Waterloo, Ontario.