South Korea represents an ideal international partner for WIN, as it is considered a global leader in technology manufacturing, especially in telecommunication devices, electronics and semiconductor fabrication, and transportation/automotive production. The government of South Korea has invested greatly in infrastructure to support research and industrial innovation, especially in key enabling technologies (KETs) such as nanotechnology with USD $625B (₩670B) to support R&D focusing on nanomaterial development for AI, big data, the internet of things (IoT), and transportation, all areas with the largest commercial impact and growth. This is in addition to support for 3D nanoelectronic devices, sensors for IoT, biomechanics, fibres, and precursors. By 2025, this would position South Korea third in nanotechnology investment internationally, just behind US and Japan with an annual investment reaching 880 billion won with 12,000 core research personnel (2018).

Many academic collaborations and joint projects are underway between UW/WIN and faculty at institutions within South Korea as well as industrial partnerships with Korean-based industrial tech giants such as Samsung and LG.