WIN Fellows

Babak Anasori

WIN Fellow, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Purdue School of Engineering & Technology

Research interests: Nanomaterials; 2D materials; MXenes ; synthesis and characterization; multifunctional nanocomposites; structural materials; mechanical properties; high-temperature materials; metal composites; ceramic composites

Zhongwei Chen

WIN Fellow; Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy

Research interests: Advanced nanostructured materials and electrodes for fuel cells, metal-air batteries, lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries and various next-generation batteries.

Cao Thang Dinh

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: CO2 conversion for fuels and materials; energy materials including electrodes and catalysts.

Bruno Ehrler

WIN Fellow, Head of Hybrid Solar Group , Amolf

Research interests: singlet fission and perovskite solar cells on the fundamental level and for device applications

Frank Gu

WIN Fellow, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Targeted Delivery Systems

Research interests: nanoparticles in medicine; therapeautic applications; targeted drug delivery

Drew Higgins

WIN Fellow, Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering

Research interests: Electrochemistry; Catalysis; Nanomaterials; Energy Conversion and Storage; Sustainable Energy Technologies; Fuel Cells; Solar Fuels; Artificial Photosynthesis.

Robert Hoye

WIN Fellow, Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Research interests:Defect-tolerant semiconductors; perovskite-inspired materials, scalable manufacturing of thin films; energy harvesting; photovoltaics; light-emitting diodes; solar fuels; radiation detection