Why partner with a research institute?

Partnering with Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) at the University of Waterloo is an investment in the future. It’s about the generation of new knowledge and the creation of top talent. It’s about innovation which can be commercialized.

We have a rich history of partnership. From large corporations and government agencies to small spin-off companies and the 3,500 employers who hire our coop students every term. Combined with an intelligent, entrepreneurial community, WIN is the "partner-of-choice" to develop new ideas, source highly qualified talent, transfer technology and start innovative new projects in nanotechnology.

WIN has 100+ faculty members. All have advanced research laboratories filled with smart and passionate students looking for research project opportunities.

Browse over to our people profiles and find out what our faculty members and their graduate students are fabricating in Smart & Functional Materials, integrating with Connected Devices, powering tomorrow with Next Generation Energy Systems, and making advancements in Therapeutics & Theranostics.

You will find everything you need (biographies, research, publications) to learn about our members and their interests. You may contact a researcher directly or ask WIN to make an introduction.

Collaborating with a researcher is about building a working relationship: determining research capacity and flexibility, applying to funding programs, and gaining access to a wider network of collaborators to build “solutions” to real-world problems.

Our business development office is open every day of the year driven by the mandate to build industry-academic partnerships. Whether collaborating with a single researcher or engaging a million-dollar research centre, WIN fosters collaboration based on the needs of industry and professionally manages relationships to make economic sense.

Contact information:

Dennis Wong

Business Development Manager