Mobility Funds

WIN-Visiting Scholars Program

The WIN-Visiting Scholars Program brings leading members of the Canadian and international nanotechnology research community to the University of Waterloo. The guest will be invited to visit UW for one month, hosted by a WIN member, to conduct exploratory research, give guest lectures and a WIN seminar presentation. The visit will be funded up to $1,500 CAD by WIN, which is to be equally matched by the host. Two (2) awards per year will be granted to qualified researchers. 

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WIN Faculty Mobility Fund

The WIN Faculty Mobility Fund will assist with WIN members’ travel to connect with international partners working on joint research programs and co-supervising graduate students and plan future research directions for large-scale international funding applications. The WIN Faculty Mobility Fund will support up to five (5) awards per year of $2,000 CAD to cover the cost of airfare and accommodations. 

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WIN Graduate Student Mobility Fund

Graduate students in nanotechnology travelling nationally or abroad to present at conferences can now apply for the WIN Graduate Student Mobility Fund (GSM) to assist with travel and accommodation costs. Graduate students must first apply for the Graduate Student Research Dissemination Award  (GSRDA) from the Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs office (GSPA). Once the GSCA award has been approved, students can apply for a top-up of $250 from the WIN-GSM program. Up to 10 grants per year will be awarded to deserving students.

The eligibility requirements for the WIN-GSM is that the student must be a presenter of a project that is demonstrably based in nanoscience and/or nanotechnology, and not simply as an audience member. We will also require proof of GSCA awarded to the student.


Application form: application_graduate_student_mobility-2023.docx

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UW-Mitacs International (Globalink) Program 

UW-Mitacs International (Globalink) Program for incoming international students and outbound UW students to partner countries. The student will receive $6,000 CAD for the term at UW for 12 weeks (can be extended to up to 24 weeks). The student will complete and submit all Mitacs Globalink application forms and documents found here. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to Amanda Green, Director of Business Development, at for more information on applying.