International Network 4 Sustainable Nanotechnology

Logo for International Network 4 Sustainable Nanotechnology

The International Network for Sustainable Nanotechnology (also known as “International Network4Sustainable Nanotechnology”) is a consortium of leading organizations in the field of nanotechnology, representing institutes, universities, non-profit and governmental agencies. We have different categories of memberships – Founding Members (i.e., the members who formed the consortium), Academic Members (i.e., universities and institutes that have a substantial level of nanotechnology activities), Industry Members (i.e., industries who are already using nanotechnology or would like to adopt nanotechnology for a better tomorrow), and Supporting Members (i.e., government agencies that promote sustainable nanotechnology).

The Network is launched with its founding members – Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN), University of Sydney Nano Institute (Sydney Nano), MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST).  The network will expand to cover other jurisdictions and include underrepresented regions. See full Member List.