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Student Teams

A photo of NRG members in Alaska for the NanoGram Competition.

From our Award Winning Midnight Sun Solar car to our first place finishing in the Alternative Fuels Challenge-X Competition, the University of Waterloo has a rich history of students teams and design competitions. This history continues at the micro/nanoscale with the University of Waterloo NanoRobotics Group (UW_NRG). Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) supports teams and events that push the boundaries of science and engineering at the nanoscale.

WIN and the NRG have collaborated on a number of events and activities including:

  • NanoConnect Day
  • NanoJapan Conference
  • NanoDay at the Children’s Museum
  • First Lego Robotics

The University of Waterloo NanoRobotics Group captured third place in the annual Mobile Microrobotics Challenge held recently by the National Institute for Standards and Technology in Anchorage, Alaska. Out of 11 teams that competed Waterloo was the only Canadian team and the only one made up of all undergraduate students. The challenge consisted of having a robot of less than 600 micrometers in all dimensions complete in three events including a two-millimeter dash across a playing field on a silicon wafer.

A photo of NRG members in Japan.

UW_NRG was founded by Keith Peris, Ivan Law and Edgar Cao of University of Waterloo Nanotechnology Engineering undergraduate program.