Next Generation Energy Systems

Next Generation Energy Systems Graphic
Powering the world of tomorrow, Next Generation Energy Systems work on harnessing energy and sustainable technologies. New and innovative systems are being developed from the core by our scientists and engineers.

This includes but is not limited to fundamental understanding of transport processes in energy devices, battery, fuel cells, solar cells, catalysis, low-carbon sustainable technologies, artificial photosynthesis.

Theme Leads and Co-Leads

Dayan Ban (ECE) recieved his PhD at the University of Toronto in 2003. His research interests cover terahertz; quantum cascading lasers; nanophotonics; nanofabrication; and SPM.

Yimin Wu (MME) recieved his DPhil in Materials at University of Oxford in 2013, and his research interests include energy materials; electronic materials; photonic materials; responsive materials; in situ multimodal characterizations; interfacial science and engineering.