WIN Rising Star Award in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) at the University of Waterloo is Canada’s largest nanotechnology institute committed to United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. We are pleased to announce an international call for submission for the WIN Rising Star Award to recognize an emerging leader in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Eligibility: A full-time faculty member who has received their PhD in science/engineering within the past ten years (on or after December 31st, 2014). The individual’s research interest must align with one or more of the thematic area(s) of WIN: Smart and Functional Materials; Connected Devices; Next Generation Energy Systems; and Therapeutics and Theranostics. Applicants cannot be currently employed by the University of Waterloo. 

Award: Along with the $5,000 CAD honorarium, the award recipient will present a featured research an in-person seminar at the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Waterloo. 

Submission: The submission package should be one single PDF file containing the following:

(a) One-page write-up about the impact of applicant’s research in the chosen thematic area(s) and its alignment with UN SDGs

(b) Full curriculum vitae

(c) Name and contact details of three references

Deadline for submissions is September 13th, 2024 to WIN’s Executive Director, Dr. Sushanta Mitra via email: 

Past Rising Star Award Recipients

2023 Recipient: Samira Siahrostami

Samira Siahrostami, Associate Professor, Chemistry at Simon Fraser University

Photo of Samira

2022 Recipient: Letian Dou

Letian Dou, Charles Davidson Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering at Purdue University

Letian Duo

2021 Recipient: Babak Anasori

Babak Anasori, Assistant Professor in Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Purdue University

babak anasori portrait

2021 Recipient: Cao Thang Dinh

Cao Thang Dinh, Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at Queen's University

Cao Thang Dinh portrait

2020 Recipient: Drew Higgins

Drew Higgins, Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at McMaster University

Drew Higgins

2020 Recipient: Robert Hoye

Robert Hoye, Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford
Robert Hoye

2018 Recipient: Bruno Ehrler

WIN successfully makes the connection between fundamental science and application that solve a societal challenge

- Bruno Ehrler, Group Leader at Institute AMOLF

Bruno Ehrler

The award condition stipulates that the awardee must be available to receive the award in person when visiting the University of Waterloo. The seminar may be in-person.  WIN will cover the economy fare journey of the awardee between Waterloo and their institution and up to two nights’ hotel stay in Waterloo. WIN reserves the right to give the award only to a deserving candidate, as outlined in the eligibility section, above.