WIN-Brainport Eindhoven Innovation Partnerships Competition 2021

Over the period of June-December 2020, the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) has partnered with Brainport Development NV (Brainport) in Eindhoven Netherlands. An online mixer event was held on November 3, 2020, where several WIN members and affiliated start-ups participated. As a next step, WIN and Brainport are announcing the creation of joint innovation partnerships competition.  

WIN members are invited to submit applications to the WIN-Brainport Eindhoven Innovation Partnerships Program. A maximum of five (5) funding requests will be supported.



WIN-Brainport Eindhoven Innovation Partnerships Program 


Support early stages of applied research towards the development of commercially viable technology 


  1. At least one WIN member as Principal Investigator (PI) 
  2. For Stage I, PI may choose to nominate a graduate student or a postdoc who has intimate knowledge of the technology (e.g. a co-inventor) to travel on the group's behalf.
  3. For Stage II, Partner from the Brainport ecosystem who would provide cash and/or in-kind contributions towards the project on the Netherlands side.


Stage I. Total envelope $15,000 CAD for travel expenses

Stage II. $25,000 for WIN PIs 

Number of Awards 

Stage I. Maximum of five (5)

Stage II. Maximum of three (3)


Stage I. Four (4) days trip

Stage II. One year 


See Program Guidelines


October 15, 2021 (Stage 1)

Results Announced 

October 29, 2021 

Submit to: 

Lisa Pokrajac, WIN Assistant Director, Research Programs 

WIN Internal Cover Sheet

Plain language Proposal Summary

A review of applications will be conducted by the joint committee consisting of executives of WIN and Brainport.  

To help with finding potential partners in the Brainport Eindhoven ecosystem, please contact: 

Oleg Stukalov, Business Development Manager, WIN

Johann Beelen, International Business Developer, Brainport Development N.V.