Therapeutics and Theranostics

Therapeutics and Theranostics Graphic
Curing and preventing the outspread of diseases, infections and abnormalities. WIN members are engineering new methods of medical practices and making innovative advancements in this thematic area of Therapeutics and Theranostics. This includes but is not limited to targeted drug delivery, tissue engineering, minimally invasive treatment of diseases, immunotherapy, and medical imaging.

Theme Leads and Co-Leads

Emmanuel Ho (Pharmacy) received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toronto and in 2017 joined the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo. His current research program is focused on the development and characterization of innovative nanomedicines, medical devices, and biomaterials for imaging, treatment, and prevention of diseases including HIV/AIDS, cancer, and chronic wounds.

Carolyn Ren (MME) received her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2004, and shortly after joined the University of Waterloo. Her research involves development of advanced microfluidic devices, which are the basis for lab-on-chip applications in healthcare (e.g., point-of-care diagnostics) and real-time water quality monitoring.