University COVID-19 update

Visit the University's Coronavirus Information website for more information.

As of March 14th 2022, the WIN Main Office (3606) will be open. Students hoping to pick up or return a lab/office key can do so from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or you can email for further assistance. For emergencies, contact Campus Police


Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) Organizational Chart
Organizational sturcture of WIN in Venn Diagram. VP of Research, Board of Directors, and International Science Advisory Board in left circle. Assistant Director (Research Programs), Bsuiness Development Manager, Operations and Marketing Coordinator, Events and Communications Assistance (co-op), and Space and Admiistrative Assistant (co-op) in right circle. Executive Director in both circles.

WIN Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD provides operational oversight and approval. The BOD:

  1. receives regular and annual activity and financial reports from the Executive Director;
  2. develops and approves policies;
  3. approves memberships; and,
  4. considers all matters relevant to the successful operation of the institute.

WIN BOD Nomination Committee

The WIN BOD Nomination Committee is tasked with selecting the distinguished individuals to serve on our board of directors.

International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

The ISAB is an external expert committee that provides advice to the executive director and the Board of Directors of WIN on the excellence, relevance and impact of research programs carried out by WIN members and other issues of scientific importance that may affect WIN’s progress and goals.

Executive Council

The Executive Council (EC) is designed to oversee the routine operations of WIN and strategic planning of the institute, in order to ensure all mandates and objectives are completed, including those recommended by the Governing and Advisory Boards.

Space Committee

The purpose of the WIN Space Committee is to plan, allocate, track, manage and report on all assignable space in the most efficient, transparent, equitable manner in consultation with department chairs & deans.

Special Projects and Research Committee (SPARC)

The purpose of SPARC is to be the advisory committee to the Executive Director of WIN on the strategic development of research areas at the institution, including the prioritization and funding of research projects and opportunities.