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PhD position available at the University of Strathclyde in the field of Ferrofluid Droplets Encapsulation

The James Weir Fluid Laboratory (JWFL) at the University if Strathclyde is delighted to offer a fully-funded PhD position in the numerical simulations of ferrofluid droplets encapsulation. The work will be carried out in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, which has a vast expertise in the field of encapsulation.

Taking advantage of the complementary expertise of the JWFL group on the modelling and simulation of ferrofluid systems, and the Waterloo group in liquid-liquid encapsulation and experimental ferrofluids, we aim to gain fundamental understanding of non-equilibrium multiphase ferrofluid systems and exploit their use for biomedical and engineering applications considering conditions that go well beyond the state-of-the-art in this field. More specifically, at Strathclyde, we will develop a multiphase numerical framework capable of dealing with multiple phases (three immiscible fluids or more) and non-uniform magnetic fields which will be used for the development of new manufacturing process of encapsulating ferrofluids inside a mobile shell layer for targeted drug delivery, aiming at making the whole process versatile and high-throughput.

International, non-UK, candidates with “international” fees status can be considered but they are required to cover the difference between the Home and International fees for the whole duration of the programme.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Capobianchi (

Professor V. Magdanz Lab

Looking for Master student, PhD student or Postdoc (Nanotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related) to support our project on quantum sensing of sperm.  Waterloo students preferred.

Starting date: ASAP, latest 01/2024

Supervisor: Dr. Veronika Magdanz, WIN core member, SYDE department

Project topic:

This WIN IISC joint project involves quantum sensing in sperm to detect levels of reactive oxidative species (ROS) which are known to affect sperm quality and compromise male fertility. Nanodiamonds containing nitrogen vacancy centers (NV) have shown great promise as novel probes for detecting paramagnetic species such as free radicals. Such nanodiamonds will be attached to live spermatozoa to evaluate to ability to detect ROS on different areas along the sperm. The binding performance will be evaluated in regards to location by SEM, and cell viability by fluorescent staining. ROS will be induced in the sperm cells and quantum sensing will be validated by comparison to indirect radical quantification.

Please reach out to Dr. V. Magdanz : with your CV, transcripts and motivation letter.

Applied Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory

Professor Aiping Yu

Available Positions: 

  • 3 PhD positions
    • Job Description: curiosity to explore electrochemical energy (Na-ion battery, Zn ion/supercapacitor, battery recycling).
  • 2 Post Docs
    • Job Description: sufficient knowledge of electrochemical energy and material synthesis, 2-3 first-authored papers and 1-2 reference letters.

To apply, please email: Professor Aiping Yu (