Robert Hoye

WIN Fellow, Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Research interests:Defect-tolerant semiconductors; perovskite-inspired materials, scalable manufacturing of thin films; energy harvesting; photovoltaics; light-emitting diodes; solar fuels; radiation detection


Dr. Robert Hoye is an Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Univeristy of Oxford. Previously he was an Assistant Professor (UK Lecturer) in Materials at Imperial College London. He also holds the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship. In addition to being a WIN Fellow, Dr. Hoye is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM), a Chartered Engineer (CEng), and Chartered Scientist (CSci).

At Imperial, Dr. Hoye leads the Energy Materials & Devices Group, which focuses on the development of thin film semiconductors for clean energy conversion. A strong focus is on materials that can tolerate point defects to achieve low non-radiative recombination rates despite high defect densities. His research spans from developing new fundamental insights into how defect tolerance arises, through to the creation of new classes of materials and their application in photovoltaics, photoelectrochemical cells, radiation detectors and light-emitting diodes. More broadly, his group also works on developing scalable synthesis routes for thin films, including atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition for 'printing’ oxide films conformally onto high aspect ratio nanostructures.

Dr. Hoye completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge (2012-2014), before being a Postdoctoral Research Associate at MIT (2015-2016). In 2016-2019, he returned to the University of Cambridge as a College Research Fellow. From 2018, he took-up the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, initially at Cambridge, before moving to Imperial College as a Lecturer in Jan. 2020. Recently, his group was awarded the European Research Council Starting Grant (1.5m Euros) to develop a new generation of sustainable energy harvesters, which is due to begin in Oct. 2022.


  • BE(Hons) in Chemical and Materials Engineering – The University of Auckland (2011)
  • PhD in Materials Science – University of Cambridge (2014)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015-2016)
  • Junior Research Fellow – Magdalene College Cambridge (2016-2019)
  • Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow – University of Cambridge (2018-2019)
  • Silverman Research Fellow – Downing College Cambridge (2019-2020)

Robert Hoye


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