The United States is a world leader in science, technology innovation and funding, investing the most in research and development and attracting the most venture capital in the world. It is also the global leader in the production of high-technology manufacturing sectors.  

Canada shares more than just the world's largest border with the US – we are very important partners in terms of trade and investment, joint stewardship of natural resources, and a long history of commitment to principled democracy and security. Over 200 million people and billions of dollars of goods and services cross the Canada‑US border every year, helping to maintain the economic prosperity, security, and quality of life both countries. This relationship of free and fair trade boosts economic growth and creates jobs for millions across the country.

As STEM research is a priority, with nano- and quantum technologies considered at the forefront of enabling technologies, strong and positive Canadian partnerships with US-based universities and research centres can provide WIN researchers with access to the best facilities and academic and commercialization networks in the world.