WIN Seminar - Professor Feng Yan "Poly(ionic liquid) Membranes: Synthesis & Properties"

Thursday, August 4, 2016 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) presents a seminar by Professor Feng Yan, from College of Chemistry, Soochow Univeristy, Suzhou, China.

Poly(ionic liquid) Membranes: Synthesis & Properties


Ionic liquids (ILs) are attracting significant attention in many fields of chemistry and industry because of their unique physicochemical properties, such as negligible vapor pressure, low volatility, high thermal stability and ionic conductivity. Recently, the number of polymerizable ILs is steadily increasing, and ionic polymers of polymerizable ionic liquid monomers have been produced as exotic polyelectrolytes.

This talk will report our recent results on the imidazolium-based polyelectrolyte for proton-exchange, anion-exchange membrane and stimulus-responsive functional materials and antibacterial applications.