John Yeow honoured for distinguished service

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

John Yeow, a WIN member and systems design engineering faculty member, is the recipient of the 2021 IEEE NTC Distinguished Service Award by the IEEE Nanotechnology Technical Council. The award recognizes his contributions to the council, which include serving as editor-in-chief of IEEE NanotechnologyJohn Yeow Magazine. The publication features articles on the latest nanotechnology research and developments.

Yeow, who is the director of the Advanced Micro and Nano Devices Lab and a Waterloo University Research Chair, focuses his research on developing nanodevices and highly selective sensors that will help create new medical instruments for diagnosing and treating disease.

His company, ARTsensing Inc, commercialized the world’s first transparent and flexible radiation detector that measures ionizing radiation delivered to cancer patients during treatment, an invention based on his work.

Congratulations John!