Vaccine Interactive Game

Monday, January 24, 2022

Partnership with Games Institute, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Games group and WIN

The Waterloo Insitute partnered with the Games Institute and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Games group to create a game to explain how nanotechnology vaccines work.

This game explains how the Covid 19 virus is transmitted and how vaccines that have been created work to combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid 19. 

This game showcases the research of WIN members Roderick SlavcevEmmanuel Ho and Marc Aucoin on DNA vaccine nasal spray which can help inoculate against COVID-19. For this, they collaborated with Lennart Nacke’s HCI Games Group. The project also visually shows how the nanotechnolgy based nasal spray can administer the DNA-based vaccine that will stimulate an immune response in people.