Next Generation Energy Systems Co-Lead; Professor, Systems Design Engineering

Research interests: dynamics of micro and nano systems; micro power generators; MEMS and NEMS; atomic force microscopes


Professor Abdel-Rahman’s work has resulted in the discovery of new phenomena in micro-systems and the development of new radio frequency switches, micro-mass sensors, micro-power generators, atomic force microscopy techniques, and a micro-gyroscope.

Abdel-Rahman is a specialist in the dynamics and control of micro and nano electromechanical system with a particular interest in nonlinear dynamics. With colleagues, he has developed a distinct approach to the modeling and analysis of micro and nano electromechanical systems and is currently extending this work to experimental techniques.

Abdel-Rahman was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia from 1997-2005. During that time, he conducted research in the nonlinear dynamics, vibrations, and control of cranes, ships, and micro and nano electromechanical systems. Abdel-Rahman joined the University of Waterloo’s Systems Design Engineering department in 2006.


  • PhD, Engineering Mechanics, University of Toledo, 1997
  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Toledo, 1991
  • BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Kuwait University, 1988

Eihab Abdel-Rahman

    University of Waterloo